image_of_George_WhiteGeorge White is the Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships. He oversees activities designed to facilitate individual faculty members and teams of researchers in attracting extramural research funding, particularly opportunities with a focus or component involving external partnerships. This proactive and strategic role allows George to assemble teams for creating collaborative research relationships with HBCUs and other MSIs, industry, government agencies, and other external organizations in order to respond to large-scale research opportunities.


Taiesha Smith

Taiesha Smith is the Senior Program Manager for HBCU/MSI Research Partnerships. She supports Georgia Tech faculty in building mutually beneficial relationships with HBCUs and MSIs with the hopes of leading to strong research partnerships. Through this effort, Taiesha increases collaboration and funding between GT and HBCUs/MSIs, develops effective systems to track and support research collaboration between institutions, and advocates for inclusive research.