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Program Name or Non-HBCU CollaboratorsDescriptionGT FacultyHBCU/MSI InstitutionHBCU/MSI FacultyFunding Amount
BODEGA (BiOmedical Data Science Summer REsearch ProGrAm)Students who are interested in data-driven approaches to biomedical science. The program aims to develop the next generation of biomedical data scientists and to build bridges between research laboratories at the AUC and Georgia Tech.King JordanAUCTalitha Washington $15K 
Georgia & N. FL Industrial Assessment Center {FSU}The award supports assessments of small- and mid- sized businesses in areas that include energy and water conservation, smart manufacturing, and cybersecurity. Businesses must be located within the geographic region of Georgia and North Florida to qualify. Professionals and students will complete industrial assessments, for no-cost to the businesses, and students will receive “real-world”, in-plant experience via industrial systems, as well as a multi-faceted enrichments inclusive of certification opportunities. Comas Haynes

Florida A&M University


Juan Ordonez$1.575M
AGEP Engineering {Rice/UCCS}A new mentoring and advocacy-networking paradigm is implemented to increase the number of under-represented minority (URM) post-docs in engineering, as well as the number of successful URM engineering, junior faculty resulting from such post-docs. Comas HaynesFlorida A&M UniversityPending Natalie Arnett {change in HBCU PI}> $ 2M {Collaborative}
Advanced hybrid system combined heat and power {NETL}The project includes tasks done in the area of cyberphysical thermal systems (inclusive of characterizing dynamic heat exchangers and system design studies), as well as piezoelectric (PZ) materials application to recuperator bypass valve technology. Specifically, this PZ intervention is in association with enabling fast, digital and less expensive (higher temperature) heat exchanger bypass valve technology. These respective task areas will be merged in the latter year to realize an enhanced Department of Energy (DoE) testbed facility that is taken beyond a power generation emphasis to include cogeneration. Physical-virtual simulations will confirm the plausibility of CHHP systems, inclusive of recuperator bypass, to reach targeted efficiencies across variable heat and power loads. Comas HaynesUniversity of Texas El PasoYirong Lin {UTEP}$0.5M
Evaluation/facilitation of fossil energy contributions to "clean" H2 infrastructure Subcontract to Florida A&M University (prime on Dept. of Energy award) to investigate effective means of producing hydrogen from fossil fuel sources. Techno-economic analyses are included.Comas HaynesFlorida A&M UniversityJuan Ordonez$0.4M
Phase change material (PCM) management for thermal cycling enhancement GTRI IRAD to seed collaborative research in an area of DoD/other agency interestComas HaynesFlorida A&M UniversityJuan Ordonez$60K
Enhanced Concentrated Solar Power Systems Simulation and Design {FAMU} Collaborative investigation of advanced CSP concepts for enhanced solar thermal power generationComas HaynesFlorida A&M UniversityJuan Ordonez$0.4MM
University Transportation Center at GTGT-HBCU Workshop to explore collaborative research pathwaysKari Hunter & Michael HunterVarious15 HBCU facultyN/A
Data Structure ProjectWorking under faculty supervision and stakeholder input, the team will develop a data source of faculty research interests and capabilities, engagements, including GT and AUC faculty, and also more broadly focused on faculty affiliated with other HBCUs and MSIs. Lew Lefton,   Tom Martin,   Rob Kadel, & George WhiteAUCKinnis Gosha &  Talitha Washington$25K
Promoting Research and Education at Small Colleges in the AUC through Network  Architecture EnhancementsEnablement of Network and Reseach enhancements for HBCUsCas D'AngeloAUC & Tuskegee UniversityAUC and Tuskegee Institute faculty$1M
The Longitudinal Education Programs of AI4OPTAI4OPT features an innovative educational program with the goal to “democratize access to AI education, research and jobs, bridging the gap in opportunities that exists in many communities.” AI4OPT is building pathways in “AI in Engineering” for African American and Hispanic communities, starting with high school education and continuing with community colleges and universities. Pascal Van HentenryckClark Atlanta UniversityClark Atlanta University facultyN/A
Consortium For Enabling Technologies and Innovation Anna EricksonClaflin UniversityClaflin University$25M
Improvements at Public K-12 School Facilities - Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) - Renew America's Schools Infrastructure Law (BIL) - Renew America's SchoolsThis FOA seeks applications to address energy efficiency and infrastructure upgrades that enable replicable and scalable impacts, create innovative and sustaining partnerships, and leverage funding and economies of scale. George WhiteVarious HBCUsTougaloo College Research & Development Foundation$500K -$15M
 AI/ML Manufacturing Curriculum & Research Collaboration Forum @ GT {Microsoft}Microsoft provided funding to support the collaboration around AI & Manufacturing specifically focusing on broadening participation and engaging HBCUs & MSIs.  AUC Data Science Initiative & Morehouse CollegeTalitha Washington, Kinnis Gosha, George White, Taiesha Smith, & Tom Kurfess$150K
Women of Color Initiative WOCI Atlanta Collaborative in Higher Education is a city-wide strategic partnership between the Center for Women at Emory, Office of Minority Educational Development (OMED) at Georgia Tech, Office of Racial and Cultural Engagement at Emory, Spelman College Women Research and Resource Center, STEM Atlanta Women, Inc, and Women’s Resource Center at Georgia Tech. Our aim is to develop a multi-dimensional network committed to enhance the advancement of women in industry, research, and higher education through advocacy, accountability, cultural awareness, leadership development, recognition, cultivation of productivity spaces, and strategic collaboration.Sybrina AtwatersSpelman College N/A
Tech 411A summer orientation/bridge initiative  for incoming transfer students in partnership with HBCU institutions such as Clark Atlanta, Savannah State, Albany State, Fort Valley State, Spelman, Morehouse in others to cultivate strong research, academic, and resources for students and establish a bridge between their home institutions' transfer pathway programs/offices and Georgia Tech.Sybrina AtwatersClark Atlanta University, Savannah State University, Albany State University, Fort Valley State University, Spelman College, & Morehouse College N/A
Call for NSF Proposals -AI InstitutesThe NSF sponsored programs include AI institutes in the following areas: Adult Learning & Online Education, Advances in Optimization, and AI Caring. Pascal Van HentenryckTennessee State University, Texas Southern University & AUCC Data Science InitiativeTalitha Washington, 
Saleh Zein-Sabatto, 
Daniel Vrinceanu, 
Fengxiang Qiao,  
Carlos Handy, 
Alamelu Sundaresan, 
Aladdin Sleem, 
Xuemin Chen, 
Wei Li, &  
Lila Ghemri 
Proposal: Center for Neuroscience and Neurotechnology The proposal seeks to get funding for a Center for Neuroscience and Neurotechnology. Chris RozellMorehouse College & Morehouse School of MedicineVal Haftel & 
Tabia Akintobi 
Energy Faculty Fellows ProgramThis 10-week program is designed for GT faculty to host a faculty member from a primarily undergraduate institute or MSI and support them in engaging with GT energy leaders, building networks, and pursuing research collaborations in the energy space. Pascal Van Hentenryck, Marilyn Brown & Comas HaynesUniversity of Houston, Spelman College, and California State University FresnoXingpeng Li, Guanyu Huang, & Mario BencomoN/A
CHIPS for HBCUs ConsortiumThis CHIPS for HBCUs Consortium is focused on creating a network of HBCUs along with GT that focuses on supporting common initiatives such as 3D Heterogeneous Integration through the identification of campus capabilities.

George White & Taiesha Smith


Alabama A&M University, Clark Atlanta University, North Carolina A&T University, Norfolk State University, Texas Southern University, Tennessee State University, Jackson State University, Morgan State University, Prairie View A&M University, Morehouse College, Hampton University, Howard University, Tuskegee University & Florida A&M UniversityMajed El-Dweik, Shyam Aravamudhan, Wei Li, Michael Spencer, Willie May, Eric Mintz, Annamalai Annamalai, Quincy Quick, Kinnis Gosha, Demetris Geddis, Patricia Mead, Mohamed Chouikha, Michelle Penn-Marshall, Joseph Whittaker, Pamela Clarke, Massoud Masoumi, Keith Hargrove, & Charles WeatherfordN/A
Microsoft Experiential Inclusive Learning Project The proposed project will provide, develop, and pilot an experiential based learning curriculum, resources, and access for students and faculty in the AUC to learn and apply novel AI/ML applications for advanced manufacturing processes through completion of hands-on lab experiences at GT's AI-Manufacturing Pilot Facility. Kyle Saleeby, George White, & Taiesha SmithAUCC Data Science Initiative & Morehouse CollegeTalitha Washington & Kinnis Gosha $125K
Research Collaboration Forum @ GTThe Forum presents an unprecedented opportunity for HBCUs to gain access to representatives from government offices and industry partners who will share insights on how to obtain larger funding, challenges in select areas of interest, and ideation opportunities in areas of mutual research interest. The GT EVPR will also seed funding that will be matched by corporate sponsors to support positioning papers.Taiesha Smith & George WhiteAUCC Data Science Initiative, Morehouse College & 8 HBCUs (TBD)Talitha Washington, Kinnis Gosha, George White & Taiesha Smith$300K

Building the Prototype Open Knowledge Network (Proto-OKN)

{University of Buffalo, University of Montreal}

This program supports the creation of a prototype Open Knowledge Network-an interconnected network of knowledge graphs supporting a very broad range of application domain. 

Lew Lefton

Cassidy Sugimoto


AUCC Data Science Initiative, Morehouse College, & Fisk UniversityTalitha Washington (AUCC DSI), John Porter (MC), Kinnis Gosha (MC), Sufyan Baksh (Fisk), Vincent Lariviere (UM), & Craig Abbey (UB)$1.3M
Climate Sustainability: Challenges & Opportunities WorkshopThis workshop is for undergraduate students on climate science, solutions and justice.Annalisa BraccoSpelman CollegePamela ScottN/A
DEDICATE: Data Science Equity-Driven Inquiry to Crate Accessible Project-Based Training for Social Impact EducationTo solve some of the biggest challenges to broadening participation in STEM at a systems level, DEDICATE will address for barriers to success 1. Instructor-designed "projects" not based in Project Based Learning (PBL) Research. 2.  Silos of Projects across ATEM and Non-STEM disciplines. 3. Lack of Faculty- Centric Design. 4. Lack of Systemic- Change Networks. Renata Rawlings-GossNorth Carolina Central University, University of the Virgin Islands, and California State UniversityUma Ravanasamudram, Marc Boumedine, & Earvin Balderama $1M
Demystifying Machine LearningThis is a one week summer course to introduce machine learning to students with an angle on science and engineering. Edmond ChowFort Valley State UniversityMasoud Naghedolfeizi$15K

SENIC (Southeastern Nanotechnology Infrastructure Corridor)

{University of North Carolina Greensboro}

SENIC is a partnership of two major & modern nanotechnology centers in the southeastern US: The Institute for Electronics (IEN) and Nanotechnology at GT and the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering (JSNN) and academic collaboration between North Carolina A&T State University (NCAT) and University of North Carolina Greensboro.The Institute for Electronics (IEN)North Carolina A&T UniversityJoint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering (JSNN)N/A
Center for Black Entrepreneurship Launch Incubator for Traction (CBE LIFT)This EDA investment will support CBE LIFT in targeting early to mid-stage Black STEM entrepreneurs from the metro-Atlanta area with a competency-based program to increase investor readiness. The LIFT program will bring together key ecosystem resources and assets including the CBE, Daraja Collective, GT, TiE Atlanta, Invest Atlanta, and the Atlanta's Office of the Mayor. Nakia MelecioSpelman College $1.5M
HBCU-UPPlanning the use of strategic partnerships to build pipelines for CHIPS through Morehouse College Laura Sams HaynesMorehouse CollegeKinnis Gosha$100K
Computer & Information Science & Engineering Minority-Serving Institutions Research Expansion Program (CISE-MSI Program)TechHouse partnership to increase the computer engineering research expansion at Morehouse CollegeLaura Sams HaynesMorehouse College Kinnis Gosha$285K
Chemoreception of Prey Chemical DefensesCollaborative project, previously funded by NSF Biological Sciences Directorate, to understand the molecular mechanisms by which animals sense toxins and noxious compounds in prey organisms in order to reject those prey as food. Julia KubanekSpelman CollegeNazia MojibN/A
Georgia CEAL: Garnering Effective Outreach & Research in Georgia for Impact Alliance (Georgia) Community Engagement Alliance (CEAL) Against COVID-19 DisparitiesConduct urgent community-engaged research and outreach focused on COVID-19 and other diseases, building awareness and education to address misinformation and mistrust. Promote and facilitate inclusion of diverse racial and ethnic populations in clinical trials (prevention, vaccine, therapeutics), reflective of the populations disproportionately affected by the pandemic and beyond. Understand factors contributing to the disproportionate burden of COVID-19 and other diseases in underserved communities and establish effective, community-engaged research and outreach response strategies. Conduct community-responsive, innovative research and outreach to understand and address vaccine hesitancy, misinformation and mistrust towards acceptance, confidence in, and uptake of vaccination. Develop tools to track, engage, and response to misinformation over social media and to train, enable, and activate trusted community social media messengers. Michael BestMorehouse School of Medicine

Tabia Akintobi

Rakale Quarells

$1 M
Sustainable Aviation Fuel Consumer Profiles Populate consumer templates by researching publicly-available data (e.g. carbon reduction commitments in annual sustainability reports, and industry association commitments (e.g. CORSIA)); review submittals with members of the GT team and adjust as required.Daniel MatisoffTuskegee UniversitySyed Hamdani$15K